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Details | Raleigh Film Photographer

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Fuji 400H

Fuji 400H is an amazing film stock. It's definitely one of my favorites and I find myself gravitating towards this stock often for newborns and family sessions. This is also my go-to stock for most indoor photos. The stock is incredibly soft and delicious and skin tones are always amazing. The film itself has blue/green undertones, which I think always makes whites and skin tones seem more neutral and natural than some of the other film stocks out there. The key to this stock, though, is that it LOVES light. Like for real loves light. It might be rated at 400 ISO, but I feel like Fuji could change that to big ole 100 and be just fine. I have rated this stock anywhere from 100-800 and have loved my results each and every time. If I can rate at 100, I totally will, but I feel like you have to live on the sun to rate it that low, lol. My happy place is usually between 200-400 ISO. When I'm rating between 400 and 800, I typically always have my lab (Indie Film Lab) push my film 1 stop (which basically means they leave the film in the developer a weeeeeee bit longer so the highlights are a bit brighter).

Below are some of my favorite Fuji 400H images!!