Why film?

When I say “I shoot with film”, I’m not referring to using a video camera to capture video. I’m talking about taking a roll of photographic film that you load into a good old film camera (just like your grandparents used) and then have it developed by a lab.  Film is a timeless medium. It has this incredible way of capturing light, color, and detail. The richness and depth that comes from a film image is balanced by the dreamy skin tones and overall softness. When you look at a film image, it almost looks like an artist painted it….capturing so much more of the moment, because it was created with intentionality and purpose. When you shoot with film, magic happens. It's not fast, it's not always perfect, but it's pure and real and honest. We live in a digital age of instant gratification where it takes little effort for instant results. Film takes us back to our roots and is a breath of fresh air. Film brings back the magic of photography. 

Learn how to shoot film and all my film tips and tricks in my newly release FILM LOVE WORKSHOP! 

Stephanie Bryan Photography is a film photographer who specializes in newborns, families, brands, events and commercial photography in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas, including but not limited to Wake Forest, Durham and Chapel Hill.