A New Year | Raleigh Family Photographer


I love the start of a new year. It’s like a clean slate and a fresh start. I kinda feel the same way about Mondays too. I also know that I can make ANY day my new year or fresh start or reset. I don’t necessarily need a specific DAY to make goals, start over or revamp something that may not be working. One thing I do love about the new year is that it gives me time to reflect over the previous year, look back on what worked, what didn’t work and what I would like to improve or change. It’s amazing what reflection can do for you. It helps you celebrate the joys and it gives you enough time removed from negative moments to where they seem more stepping stones or learning curves than mistakes or disappointments. I’m a big believer of making mistakes and taking risks and one thing I learned in 2018 is that if I DON’T try, I will for sure fail. But if I do try, I may fail or may fly - but I’m for sure not going to know without even giving it a shot. Taking risks and JUST DOING IT was big for me in 2018 and I have plans to continue this steam roll this year!



And because the new year is all making new goals, I thought I would share mine here so I can look back on them throughout the year and remind myself of my direction and plans!

1. Read 100 books - I made this same goal in 2018 and managed to read 85 books....100 is the goal again! Reading is so good for the soul and such a wonderful way to relax and connect with yourself.

2. Consistently work out - no comment needed.

3. Floss every day - healthy gums is where it’s at people

4. Social media time ONLY during business hours - This is going to be HARD for me because I’m always connected. I’m always on. I always have messages, comments, likes, posts, etc… My goal for this year is to be more organized when it comes to social media and spend LESS wasted time.

5. Watch and photograph 52 sunsets with at least 12 sunsets NOT being in Raleigh

6. Make an in-home studio and offer motherhood sessions (stay tuned for this because I am SO excited for this one)

7. Blog more personal and client work - I love blogging. I love sharing. I (kinda) love writing. In 2019, my goal is 3 blog posts per week if not more. I have high hopes for this year.

8. Take a portrait of every single one of my friends I get to see this year - both those local friends, as well as those virtual friends! I have lots of workshops, events and travel planned for 2019 and I am so excited about finally crossing paths with so many people who have become such good friends to me over the years, so watch out friends.

9. Shoot at least 3 times JUST FOR ME - This is my attempt to let my internal artist shine. I need these sessions/shoots/connections. I need to shoot just to shoot. I need to practice and play and see where my heart is. These are always my favorite images.

10. Schedule a family session with Yan Palmer - basically my dream.

11. JOMO - not really a goal, but a reminder to find the JOMO - or “joy of missing out”. (Basically, this is just my permission slip to not really care about things I can’t control).

Happy New Year, friends! Looking forward to a wonderful year of travel, tons of shooting, lots of creativity and so much more.