Life Lately


We started this year with a trip to Florida in hopes of sunshine, sand between our toes and that warm winter breeze Florida promises. We were met with gale-force winds, snow and a winter cyclone...whatever that is. Since then, winter has been a roller coaster of rain, dreary days, cold weather, an occasional snow day and a peek at the sun here and there. Winter this year has been rough. It's be slow going and the signs of spring seem to only last a quick hour before winter returns again. I used to celebrate winter and being at home and snow days full of hot chocolate dreams and movie mornings. Now that both of my kids are in school all day, winter just seems to drag on and on without an end in sight. I don't remember winter feeling this painful in years past.

Pulling out my camera and trying to find the beauty in these moments has sort of been my saving grace. It's such a good reminder that there truly is beauty in everyday...some days you have to try harder to find it. I find it funny looking back through these photos of our everyday because they depict such joy, happiness and sunshine.......which I guess is alway my goal, but it's ironic how what we show vs. what we actually feel isn't always equal. Kinda like social media, right? Instagram and Facebook are a highlight reel of the "best of" moments. The photos that made the cut. The cute moment that seems idyllic and picture perfect. Sometimes the reality is oh so different. Totally being real here, matter what my Instagram or Facebook shows, this winter has been anything but. Finding the beauty and joy in the everyday is sometimes challenging, but it's there. A little deep for a Monday, I know. Here's to seeking out the beauty in each day.