Film + the magic of light leaks


Film is magical to me. It has completely changed how I photograph both my own family and others. I see the world differently with a film camera. There is just something about film that moves me in ways that digital never ever did. I still have a hard time finding the right words to actually explain it to others who don’t shoot film, so I'm sure most people probably think I'm a little weird (and obsessed) but it has completely stolen my heart - (and don't forget, 2018 is all about embracing my weirdness, so.....).

One of the things I love most about film is that it gives me the ability to get creative without initially having to worry about the end result. With digital, I was often so disappointed with the images I was seeing on the back of my digital camera and that always put me in a negative place. Now, I'm giddy excited about WHAT I am creating and am not really worried about the finished product. The process has FINALLY become more than the end result, and to me, that's what photography is all about. 

Light leaks are an awesome way to experiment and play with film! I love the haze, light, color and just plain randomness of light leaks. No two are really ever the same and you can't really plan what you're gonna get. Basically you're leaving it up to the film gods.

To achieve a light leak, all you have to do is open up the back of your camera while you have film in there! Or you can use a loosely sealed toy camera (like a Holga or Sprocket Rocket), which will often result in various light leaks around the edges. I suggested opening the back of your camera in a darker area (rather than in bright overhead sunlight). I usually open mine either shielded closer to my body or in a darker room of my house. I find the result is less harsh than in bright overhead light. But again, it's film...and anything can happen! I've also had good results by trying to hand roll an exposed roll of film in a super dark (but not completely dark) closet. I kinda did this by accident because my camera wouldn't rewind, but the results were magical and now I try it every once in a while just for the heck of it!

So go grab your camera and experiment! Film is purely magical and the process is always the best part!