Anna in the Car | A Personal Project

I’ve given a lot of thought recently to my “why” when it comes to photography. Like what are all these photos for and why do I have such a strong desire to continue to grab my camera. I wake up every single day thinking about photography and I’m always looking for a new way to push myself creatively, while also capturing the essense of our everyday. It’s no surprise that I love a pretty, curated image. I mean, who doesn’t? I love a good snapshot too, don’t get me wrong, but when I go take an image, my mind is constantly accessing the elements in my frames and I’m always thinking about the end result. The process of shooting will always be my favorite, but holding a tangible moment in your hands through a printed photograph makes my heart melt into a puddle. So recently, I’ve been on the search for meaningful projects. Projects that reflect our here and now. Projects that could encapsulate right now, and only right now. I'm not sure how I came up with this idea, but I decided to document the last month of Anna and my time in the car (after school while we wait for Drew). She is ALWAYS reading and is usually in the most random positions and knowing that this was the last time we would have just the two of us in the car together, I wanted to document this time.

The only rules I set for myself were:

-I could only shoot one roll of film during that month

-I couldn't take the same shot twice

-I had to shoot black and white

Here are some of my faves. They are so random, and without the story, WAY weird....and I'm not sure what I'll do with these, but I do like having this time recorded. And these have pushed me to continue to seek out personal, meaningful projects that capture our right now.

Tmax 400+1. Canon 1V (rated at 800 and pushed 1 stop).