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Around Here

Our highs and lows around here...

HIGHS: trips to the best coast (west coast) · Uncle Walker in town for a short visit · outdoor concerts · salted carmel ice cream by the gallon · Roomba · nature walks · oatmeal chocolate chip cookies · new stuffed animals · white walls · family dinners + our nightly animal games · bedtime giggles · tons of "caught being good" at school + star student for my little man · white walls · mad scientists · swimming · lazy weekends at home 

LOWS: chest congestions + sinus pressure that just won't go away · the heat + humidity (enough already, NC) · having to say goodbye to Uncle Walker · back pain for days · burnt cookies · homework, homework, homework · an air conditioner that can't decide if it wants to work or not · blisters

Easy Like A Monday Morning

Yeah, right. Like Mondays are easy. Ever.

There's nothing I hate more than that crazy frenzy that comes each morning before we leave for school (well...maybe unloading dishes, but that's a story for another day). I plan, you guys, but still some days I feel like I might explode trying to heard these cattle kids out the door in the morning.  

We are well into the swing of the school year and I have been DETERMINED to make our mornings less stressful, calmer and easier. It has to be easier. Seriously.

I mean, look at these precious sleeping faces. Even the hairy, messy dog looks cute and awwwww. I love peeking in on them and savoring that one sweet moment before everyone starts talking or whining or running and NOT EATING.

So yep. This year I'm taking control and am determined to make our mornings better. I mean, everyone has a better day when we all leave the house skipping and smiling, right?

So what are we doing different this year? I'll tell ya my secret. Probably not a secret or earth shattering, but it's our formula for sanity around here. And we are into week three of school and about 99% of our days have been calmer, less hectic and just dag-blame peaceful. Some mornings I even feel like Mary Poppins (minus the umbrella).

Here ya go!

#1- Every night I take about 20 minutes to pack lunches, gather all of my kids folders/notebooks/school stuff and pack their backpacks.

#2 - The kids set our their clothes for the day (socks, shoes, underwear and all) so it's all ready to go in the morning.

Side note

- my kids wear uniforms, so we don't really have many options when it comes to picking out clothes for the day!

Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah.

#3- We all get up 30 minutes earlier than we did last year. You know, the year where I spent every morning sweating and running and cursing under my breath as I shoved the kids into the car. 30 minutes makes the world of a difference. I love my sleep and all, but I'm pretty sure I like my sanity more.  These extra minutes give us time to hang out, make breakfast (and actually let the kids help because we.have.the.time).

#4-TEA! Teami tea to be exact!

Now while I'm a devoted coffee lover to the core, I kind of cheat on my coffee and always start my morning with a cup of Teami Skinny tea. And oh, man. It just does the trick every single time. It's the jumpstart to my day (not to mention my metabolism) and I just feel so much better....more energetic; more excited; more RELAXED. The stuff works, friends.

I start the day with Teami Skinny and finish my night with Teami Colon Cleanse (which also keeps me from snacking after the kids go down....errrr....usually). I love the combo and I especially LOVE the effects! And you know the saying..."if mama's happy...". Try it for yourself and see! Use the code BRYAN10 to save 10% off your order at Teami!

So there you have it! My secrets for morning sanity. Follow my easy steps #1-4 and I guarantee your mornings will be pure bliss. Well, maybe not "bliss" like a trip to Cabo would be, but more like "bliss" - you made it out of the door without drop kicking the dog and talking to Jesus.

(awkward outtake)

Around Here

Fun fact: having multiple hours of "alone" time isn't really all that bad. I was kind of terrified I wouldn't know what do without my two rug rats, but I'm managing to survive (so far, at least).

Here's a list of all the things I've been able to do ALL. BY. MY. SELF:

1. Take a shower. The dog was there staring at me, but that doesn't count because he hasn't learned how to say "Moooooooom" or ask me to draw pictures on the shower door.
2. Run into and out of a store in less than 10 minutes. I mean...I totally forgot that that was even possible.
3. Drink a cup of coffee without having to reheat it. Say what??
4. Watch the Kardashians for more than .2 seconds, because, let's face it, that show is so not appropriate. Anna would be writing me off and calling me "Kris" in about one minute flat.
5. Edit a whole slew of photos without once being asked to wipe a bottom.
6. Buy only what was on my grocery list. No fruit snacks or oreos for you kiddos. #notsorry
7. Eat ice cream in the middle of the day without having to bend down under the counter or sneak into the pantry with a spoonful. Crazy good times.
8. Leave one room and come back and it looks the S.A.M.E. 
9. Start, finish and put away a million loads of laundry. #highfive
10. Have a phone conversation without anyone asking me to rate their handstands, telling me stories about Jabba the Hut or having a meltdown.

I'm sure I'll be sobbing my eyes out later today after I've done all of the above items and it's only 10am, but for now it's all bliss and roses! Hope your day is awesome and you can finish your coffee without having to reheat it! xo-

Around Here

Today is our last Friday of summer. BOTH of my kids start back school on Monday and it's quite possible I will have a mental breakdown next week. I love year-round school, but the summers always seem to come and go so quickly. I have loved every single minute of our summer (minus a few sicknesses here and there that I could have totally done without....). I love having my babies home and as you can probably tell from our photos, we are total homebodies. I mean, it's pretty bad. All four of us would prefer to stay at home and just hang out than do just about anything else in the world. I hope your summer has been fantastic so far!!  I'm hoping to pop onto this little old blog more now that I will be bored out of my mind...I mean, I will have more free time!!
Happy Friday, friends!

Whoa June

I swear I blinked and June was gone. I have been counting down the days until summer for months and months, and now I can slowly see summer slipping away. Both of my kiddos start school in less than two weeks and this momma heart is already starting to ache. June was fantastic (if you ignore some crazy sickness we all got).  We spent some time at the beach, celebrated my birthday, played with our family at the lake and much, much  more. My kids have spent some good quality time together and I seriously couldn't ask for me. I love to see them together playing, reading or what not. They melt my heart and I sure am going to miss them being around all day when the school year starts. We still have a few more days, so we'll be living it up for sure! I hope your summer has been fantastic so far!! xoxo

Living for the weekend

We've declared that every weekend should be a three-day weekend. Anyone else agree? 
There's just something about that extra day that makes you feel like you're on top of things, plus some. My house is clean, the laundry is done and I didn't even have the Monday post-weekend blues. I love lazy days where we just sit around do nothing, but really everything. I love being us just being together at home. Home is our happy place and there really is no other place we'd rather be. Hope your weekend was full of love and happiness! xoxo

Around Here

Oh around here we have been busy. Oh so busy. 
The end of the school year is just so hectic.  It seems like the "summer" activities are starting to ramp up, while the end of year activities double too! We're managing to squeeze in as much family time as we can on the weekends. We're camping, hanging out, having block parties and more. It's busy, but it's a good busy.  

I've also been working like crazy on lots of projects and classes, which is good, but also adds to the craziness! Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines...  Excited to share more soon! Hope you all are doing well and have a great Friday! xo

Around Here

A little glimpse of life around here!
Lots of holiday cheer, some shopping and tons of running around outside with this crazy warm December weather!  Can't day the days until both of my kids are out of school for Christmas! Only 11 more sleeps until Santa comes! Eeeep!

Happy Monday!

Around Here

Around here, life is busy, but so good.
We are loving the cooler weather, the crispness in the air and everything fall.  We are jumping into the season with both feet and are trying to pack in as much as we can over these next few crazy months. Hope your October is off to a great start!

Around Here

Around here we are starting to feel the beginnings of fall and we are in love.  Around here, Anna is tracked out of school so we are enjoying some time off from work and school.  Around here, I am redecorating and purging and reorganizing every single thing in our house - no room is safe.  Around here, I am making daily trips to Goodwill with loads of boxes and stuff that just takes up space.  Around here, I'm making everything white and clean.  Around here, we're searching for pretty sunsets and chasing light.  Around here, we are visiting family, making memories, and counting down the days until Thanksgiving!

Around Here

We are trying our best to enjoy every single minute of every single day.  Life gets busy, but making time to be together and laugh and giggle is what feeds our soul.  The weather has cooled down, just barely, really - but enough for us to want to go and hang outside.  Our favorite is taking the pup down to the lake to splash and swim.  We usually always end up with two wet kiddos too (oops, mom, I don't know how that happened...).  We've enjoyed a few summer concerts lately and have a few more on our schedule.  Live music + outside = amazing.

Hope your week has been awesome.


Around Here

Oh summer.

You are still going strong and my brain is being pulled in two different directions.  I have one in school with homework, and one still sleeping in and pretending it's still summer vaca.  One who needs a lunchbox packed each day and folder checked each night.  Another one who is ready for our next day-date adventure and is slowly destroying my house with his messes.  We are all over the place, which is probably evident by these very random "around here" photos.  We're trying to get back in a groove, but it's hard to pretend like it's not summer when it feels like we live on the sun.  Did I mention I was ready for fall?  

Around Here

Around here, we have had one heck of a summer.  It's been way too fast and way too hot, but it has definitely been filled with wonderful stories, memories and tons of happiness.  School starts back for my sweet girl on Monday and this momma may go into a mild depression with her gone all day + back in a normal routine.  I'm just not ready for packing lunches, homework and the like.  I've so enjoyed our beach days, summer fun activities, swim team and pool dates.  Hoping to still sneak in a few more "summer" things over the next month!  

Happy friend, friends!

Oh Monday...

.....I am so ready for you!  I took a little mini vacation last week and had the BEST time!  I needed it. Oh man, did I need it.  We did a little bit of nothing and lots of everything.  It was the perfect mix of relaxation and "busy" without being too crazy or hectic.  We spent a few days at home, a few days with the sand in our toes.  It was just perfect.

And now I am so ready for this week.  I feel rested, organized and just plain excited for the week to begin.  I have lots and lots on my calendar this week.  It's a full week, but it's going to be a good one, I can just tell!

Towards the end of the week, I'll be sharing a look at my June Project Life album.  I love my growing collection of little books.  They just make me so very happy.  I'm already thinking ahead to July and what size album I'll be using!

Then there's this cutie, who keeps me on my toes.   I forgot how darn busy little puppies are.  I think we've found a good mix of running/walking/playing to keep him from nibbling on us and our stone fireplace (what's up with puppies eating rocks, by the way)?

The kids are in Vacation Bible School all week (yay!) and our church has VBS from 5-8pm each night, so I'm planning on eating my way around Raleigh while the kids dance and play!  Scott and I tried out a new restaurant last night for a fun Father's Day treat and the place did not disappoint!  The food was great and the company was even better!  My bestie is coming into town tonight, so we will be having a fun girls night!  Yay for Mondays, VBS and best friends!

So - that's a look ahead for me!  What a random post all about nothing, right?  
Regardless, I'm excited and I'm ready for whatever is in store for this week!  It's going to be an awesome week!  I hope your week is just as awesome!  

Around Here

Just a glimpse of our life right now! Spring is here and everyday is full of bike rides, playgrounds and sand pits! We've also had fun birthdays and rainy beach trips to keep our days full! I love how color starts creeping into our days and our photos as soon as spring! Happy April and happy Spring, friends!