Around Here

Fun fact: having multiple hours of "alone" time isn't really all that bad. I was kind of terrified I wouldn't know what do without my two rug rats, but I'm managing to survive (so far, at least).

Here's a list of all the things I've been able to do ALL. BY. MY. SELF:

1. Take a shower. The dog was there staring at me, but that doesn't count because he hasn't learned how to say "Moooooooom" or ask me to draw pictures on the shower door.
2. Run into and out of a store in less than 10 minutes. I mean...I totally forgot that that was even possible.
3. Drink a cup of coffee without having to reheat it. Say what??
4. Watch the Kardashians for more than .2 seconds, because, let's face it, that show is so not appropriate. Anna would be writing me off and calling me "Kris" in about one minute flat.
5. Edit a whole slew of photos without once being asked to wipe a bottom.
6. Buy only what was on my grocery list. No fruit snacks or oreos for you kiddos. #notsorry
7. Eat ice cream in the middle of the day without having to bend down under the counter or sneak into the pantry with a spoonful. Crazy good times.
8. Leave one room and come back and it looks the S.A.M.E. 
9. Start, finish and put away a million loads of laundry. #highfive
10. Have a phone conversation without anyone asking me to rate their handstands, telling me stories about Jabba the Hut or having a meltdown.

I'm sure I'll be sobbing my eyes out later today after I've done all of the above items and it's only 10am, but for now it's all bliss and roses! Hope your day is awesome and you can finish your coffee without having to reheat it! xo-