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If you schedule a newborn session with me, I’m going to tell you the best time to have your newborn sessions is between days 4 and 8 after birth. And you are going to think I’m crazy and insane. I promise I’m not. (But I felt the EXACT same way when I schedule my newborn session for Anna 9 years ago, so I completely understand your reaction!).

Your 4 day old baby is going to be SO different than your 12 day old baby. Four day old babies just want to sleep and cuddle and are so easy to set down and position for all those adorable newborn photos. They are easily swaddled and unswaddled, repositioned, moved and held without much of a fuss. Twelve day old babies get a little fussier and are more difficult to soothe and calm down. It takes A LOT more work on mom’s end to soothe and placate and sometimes mama gets a little stressed, which that sweet babe feels and recognizes, which leads to a vicious cycle or fussiness. See what I mean….

And not only is a 12-14 day old baby harder to calm and soothe, baby acne and skin changes start to occur around this time, which can often be edited out in post-processing of your photos, but the skin tone doesn’t have that creamy, silky look that 4 day old babies have.

The BEST thing about my sessions is that I come to you. You don’t have to a single thing other than love on your baby. I will find the best spots in your home and will move things out of the way if need be. Don’t worry about deep cleaning before your session - I promise we can make your home work! My goal is to make your newborn session as sweet and calm as possible. Obvsiously, not every baby (4 days old or not) will be sleepy and cuddly and that’s a-ok too! We will make it work no matter what the situation. I’ve just found that the younger your baby is during newborn pictures, the better for everyone!

So day 4-8 it is (and I’ll even come on day 3 if you’ll let me!). I am currently scheduling newborn sessions through February 2019 and if you book a session in January and February, you can save $100 off your session fee! Contact or email me if you would like more information. Newborns are my favorite and I would LOVE to come snuggle on yours! xo

Film stock: Fuji 400H

Cameras: Contax 645, Pentax 645n