Oregon Part I

We're just getting back from our Oregon vacation and I'm gonna warn you now that I like to take pictures so I'm hijacking this blog for the week with plenty of Oregon eye candy. 

We had so much darn fun in Oregon! Have you ever been? If not, stop reading this and go book a trip. Seriously. It is breathtakingly amazing. And don't tell California, but it's my new favorite. Scott and I talked through ALL of the reasons why we should pack up our bags and move and let me tell you, the list is long. We loved every single minute of our vacation and if it weren't for those sweet babies at home, we likely would still be there. 

First up was Portland. 

One word. Amazing.

The city is just fantastic and the people there....ssshesh...just so crazy nice. Everyone we met was the best. From Uber drivers to waiters to random homeless people on the street. Sweet as pie.

Most of our time in Portland was spent walking. I have blisters on my feet as proof just in case you were interested. Portland is a walking city and they really make it so easy to get all of over town. We started our first day with what is called the 4T. Basically it's taking a train, trail, tram and trolley all over town. It took us about 3 or so hours and yep. I wore my flip flops (this will be a common occurrence if you make it all of the way through these posts and I apologize now).

We loved the 4T and apparently it's not really well known amongst tourists. I heard someone tell me it's the "secret walking tour", so if you go, Google it and find out more. It will not disappoint (but flip flops will...).

We stayed in the Westin right downtown and really loved being immersed in the city. We walked all over, ate at lots of yummy places and enjoyed every minute.

Before we went, I asked on Instagram for suggestions for places to go while we were in Portland and I think we hit up every spot that was recommended. Our faves were: Blue Star Doughnuts (hands down better than Voodoo Doughnuts), Imperial (absolutely amazing), Caffe Mingo (cute, quaint, yummy), Portland City Grill (for the view, not so much the food).

Our final stop of the Portland leg of our trip was a visit to BOTH Blue Star and Voodoo Doughnuts for a little doughnut throw down . We bought 22 doughnuts between the four of us. Well, three really because Scott's weird and doesn't like donuts. I questioned our marriage when he said that, btw. I mean. Who doesn't like doughnuts, but whatevs....

Blue Star rocked it. So good. Those two "old fashioned" in the bottom left hand corner?? I ate both of those. Oh...and the blueberry one, and maybe the chocolate one....and that maple bacon, lemon poppy seed....yikes. I'm going to the gym now.

And not to get into a phone love-fest, but I almost exclusively used my iPhone for this trip. I love my big camera something fierce, but that thing is big, bulky and heavy. I wondered if I would regret not lugging it around, but nope. Phone photos rock. The end.

Part II coming tomorrow...stay tuned.