Oregon Part II

Let's do this.

For the second part of our trip (

you can see Part I here

) we ventured north to check out Astoria, Washington and Cannon Beach. I can't even begin to tell you the most spectacular part of this leg because it was all amazing. Our first stop (as pictured above) was the Columbia River where it ran into the Pacific. The Columbia River is something in and of itself to see. You really just can't describe how beautiful it is to see the water with mountains on the other side. Gor-geous.

We stopped in Astoria for lunch at a the Buoy Beer Company and ate with....wait for it... sea-flippin-lions. Yep. Sea Lions. I tried to take one with me, but no such luck. Such a fun lunch place if you're ever passing through!

From Astoria, we traveled back south again to Cannon Beach. I'm not sure if there are any other Goonies fans here ("Hey you guys!!), but going to Cannon Beach was about as exciting as seeing New Kids on the Block when I was in fifth grade. Goonies never say die...  First, you gotta do the truffle shuffle...

Sorry. I'll stop. I'm weird.

The weather was little dreary and misty (which apparently is pretty common), but Cannon Beach was awesome nonetheless. Haystack Rock (pictured above and IN GOONIES) was absolutely amazing. It's just so random sitting there on that wide, long beach. 

The overall town had a very New England feel and I couldn't get enough of the cute cabins, ship lack houses and wooden condos. I picked out our future vacation home already.

We spent our evenings in Cannon Beach either huddled by a bonfire eating our bodyweight in s'mores or riding beach cruisers on the beach and through the town ogling all of the hydrangeas and beautiful flowers. Guess that's what happens to vegetation when it's misty every morning and only 75 during the day. Good to know...I'll pass that on to NC. It could use a little help in the cooling department.

Have you ever tried to ride a bike on the beach? In sand? It's not easy folks. Oh...and I bet you wouldn't believe me if I said I wore flip flops now would you? Best workout ever. 

OMG. What about this photo doesn't just scream Goonies. I can hear Chunk and Sloth right now. Anyone else?

Final photo overload and recap coming tomorrow. And I might even talk about flip flops too... #sorry