Eye Candy

Apparently glasses are the hottest new accessory in second grade. Anna has been straight up begging for glasses for a good year now, so when the doctor asked her to do the eye exam at her seven year old check up, I saw the twinkle in her eye. She was SO flipping excited to read out those letters and I could have sworn that she was flubbing it just to TRY to get glasses. A full eye exam later (without any tears), and yep, her wish came true. The girl always gets what she wants....sigh...her teenage years are going to be a hot mess.

Anyway. So the shopping for a cute, but fun pair of glasses began! And shopping should ALWAYS be fun and done in your pajamas, so we ordered a free home try-on kit from Jonas Paul Eyewear and counted down the days until our kit arrived! I fell in love with the Jonas Paul Eyewear company not only because I knew we could find an affordable, but stylish pair of glasses for Anna, but because of their steadfast mission to help others.  For every pair of glasses purchased, another child is given the gift of corrective glasses, medical treatments to prevent blindness and needed medications. It was a no-brainer, win-win for us.

Anna didn't waste one single second opening her box of glasses and pretty much picked out which pair she liked the best as soon as she saw them! I still made her try on each one and really see how she liked the look and fit! I mean, how fun is it to try the glasses on as many times at you want, at home?!? 

She was pretty particular about how they sat on the bridge of her nose and how they looked around her eyes. She tried on every pair, chatted herself up in the mirror and analyzed the look of each one! I tell ya...these seven year old gals are something else.

And you bet that we had to grab out the camera and get silly snapping pictures of her in the glasses! Of course the ones I liked the best, she didn't, but oh well... She's super excited to have a fun and stylish pair of glasses and can't wait for the prescription pair to come so she can pop them in her mermaid glasses case (of course it's mermaid) and take them to school to show off!  

So what do you think?? Which pair is your favorite??