project life 2013: december and my end page

it feels so awesome to have a completed project life album.  my very favorite part is looking back to the beginning of my book and remembering all of the things that had already slipped my mind.  it's a reminder of shoes that were worn, tears that were shed, joy that was had.  it's just awesome.

these few spreads cover december.  i didn't really go week by week (although it looks like since my calendar's are in there), but i did kind of group things together (before christmas, after christmas, etc.).  it made it much easier than worrying about having to fill each spot with "something" from that week, you know.  which is why i really want to try monthly project life this year.  i'm still have various spreads each month, but i like being able to move and mix around a little more.

and sorry in advance for the glare on a few of the pages.  i add a lot of stitching, flair, tags and stickers to the outside of my pages so there's no slipping things out to photograph.  this batch of page protectors were super wrinkly right out of the box, which picks up a lot of glare.

as for products, i used a variety of kits and my stash.  if you have a question about anything, just ask and i'll try to figure it out!  :)

and end pages.  i love and hate them at the same time.  it's just an extra step that i think i would ignore if i didn't HAVE a random blank page at the end.  i struggled for a long time trying to figure out how i wanted to do my page.  i knew i wanted it to be "different" than the rest of my weeks, but i didn't want to put too much time or effort into it.  

enter photo collages (my new fave).
i created each 4x6 collage in picmonkey, which is my go-to for making collages these days.  it's as easy as importing your pictures.  seriously. if you've never made a collage, try out picmonkey.  pretty soon your whole life will be a collage.  promise!

for the middle 3x4 pockets, i just trimmed a 4x6 photo in half.  easy peasy.

here's my end page in all of it's glory...

and that wraps up my 2013 album.  done!

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