an impromptu family photo shoot....

when my daughter asked me to take a picture of us this past weekend, i was giddy with excitement.  i love photos (obviously), but i'm not always the best at "getting in them".  i'm sure i'm not alone.  so with the tripod set up, we got silly and had some fun.  before long, the whole family wanted in on the fun.  even my third child (i mean, my husband).  

i want to be better about getting in photos.  about being present and a part of our "everyday".  i want my kids to see "me" throughout their life when they look back on their albums.  i want them to know that they were loved and that i was always there.

so with that, i've set yet another goal for this year!!  monthly photo shoots.  nothing fancy.  just a tripod and some willing bodies.  i challenge you to do the same.  and you don't have to have a tripod either, so don't back out that easily!!  set your camera, iPhone or whatever on a stack of books and get that timer app all ready to go.  play around and be silly and i guarantee you will have some willing participants sooner than you think.  

i set my tripod up in my craft room facing a wall that has a dresser on one side.  there's a good bit of blank wall space that catches the perfect amount of indirect sunlight at the right time of the day.  then i turned on the timer and just took picture after picture.  and i'm so glad i did.  i love every single photo.  a true memory.

so go grab your camera and get snapping!!  if you happen to post your photos onto your blog, i'd love for you to link up in the comments!  i'll be doing this every month this year, and i'd love love love for someone else to keep me accountable!!  :)

happy monday!