12 on the twelfth...january pictures

whew....yesterday was way busier than i had expected.  we were out of the house most of the day and i didn't pull out my camera as much as i would have liked to capture more of the "everyday".  it was the first sunny day we've had in what feels like months, so we spent the day at the park and then grabbed a bite to eat while we were out.  it was dark by the time we got back home and all the "pretty" light of the day was gone.....  but i did manage to get 12 photos of our day.  i'm interested to see how the photos change month to month and also weekday to weekend.  

if you had time to play along, i'd love for you to link up your photos here!!  :)  i'll be hosting another "12 on the twelfth" next month, so no worries if you missed out (or you could play along on your own schedule!!).

happy monday!!