12 on the twelfth...january

as i mentioned yesterday, i am starting up a new photo challenge for this year.  sometimes i feel the weight of project life and i love to try new things to keep the "romance" going...

today i will be capturing 12 random moments from our day.  it's an attempt to get my "big camera" out and to try and pay attention to the little details of our life.  i would looooooove for you to play along.  there's no right or wrong and it doesn't even have to be today.  do it tomorrow.  do it whenever.  no ones really going to know when the photos were taken, so definitely don't stress yourself out if today doesn't work!!  :)

drop me a comment here if you are participating!!  i'd love to check out your blog as you play along!!  i'll have a linky up tomorrow to link up (assuming that anyone wants to join in....ha!).

happy sunday!