5 tips for creative framing

Stephanie Bryan Photography - 5 tips for creative framing

Creative framing can make a subject pop right out of the photo. I am always on the lookout for fun framing options both inside out home and when we're outdoors adventuring. Framing draws the viewer into your subject and helps to isolate then from the surrounding environment. It can take your composition from ho-hum to WOW! And it also adds to the overall storytelling element of your photo.  

Once you start looking for framing you will see opportunities EVERYWHERE. For real. Just keep your eye open to your surroundings and keep these five tips in mind! 

1. Fill the frame

Filling the frame can add more depth and interest to your framed subject. In the two photos above, I was standing a good distance from my daughter to make sure I would have the surrounding walls/trees in my photo to use as a framing element. If I were closer to them (more like a portrait photo), the framing would not have been as obvious.

2. Think about the foreground and background

Keep both the foreground and background in mind and use them to tell your story. In the photo below, I framed my son within my daughters arm. To me, this photo tells a few different stories... It shows how small my son is in relation to my daughter; it shows how my son is always copying what my daughter is doing, and it also conveys how adventurous and daring these two are. By shooting looking up at them, I was able to keep the background minimal and was able to frame my son. 

3. Keep it simple

A minimal background or a simple framing will enhance your photo and draw the viewer to your subject. Try to eliminate any objects/areas that don't directly tell your story. These elements will distract from your overall framing. I use both the content aware and clone tool in Photoshop if needed to help remove any unwanted objects. 

4. Use shapes

Shapes are everywhere and once you start looking, you will start finding framing options wherever you go! Circles (mirrors), squares (windows), rectangles (doors, hallways) are just a few of the shapes I use within our home.

5. Pay attention to your surroundings

Keep your eyes open for framing opportunities in your environment, such as doorways, mirrors, windows, hallways, etc... Since I document our everyday, I am always looking for new ways to capture the same old, same old. Framing is usually my go-to when I feel "stuck" on my Project 365! 

And there you have it! Framing is SUPER simple and I promise you will start noticing framing opportunities as soon as you start looking! Framing is an awesome way to improve your composition while also pushing yourself creatively!