How to use leading lines to enhance your images

Stephanie Bryan Photography - How to use leading lines to enhance your images

Nothing quite makes my photographer heart go pitter patter like a well composed image. I love symmetry + lines + framing + all that jazz. Using leading lines in your images draws your viewer in and helps add depth and dimension. Follow these tips to enhance your images using lines! 

Lines, lines everywhere!

I am always on the lookout for leading lines when I'm composing my images. If I can make a line "lead" to my subject, than I sure will. These lines help to guide the viewers eye to main focus of the image and can really make your subject pop from the frame. Leading lines are ALL around you and just knowing what to look for can change your perspective altogether.

Use your surroundings

Once you start to look for them, you will likely start to see lines everywhere. I use doorways, hallways, stairs, bridges, roads, trails and more as my leading lines. I am always trying to figure out how I can use the lines around me to help frame my subject or lead to my subject. 

Change your perspective

When composing your images, try to make your lines point TO your subject. By changing your perspective and shooting viewpoint, you can add in more depth and dimension to the image. In the photo above, I photographed my kiddos on a swinging bridge, but made sure I had enough of either side of the bridge to add in a little depth to the image. The sides of the bridge and the wooden slats draw your eye right to them. In the image below, I shot looking down on my son and used the curtains and lines of the windows to lead down to him. 

So go on out and look for those leading lines. How can you use them to enhance your subject?