Best of February 2017

Stephanie Bryan Photography - Best of February 2017

Moving right along on my Project 365! The process of this project has definitely gotten easier and has become less stressful. The thought of HAVING to capture something almost sent me straight into panic mode when I started in January, but now that we are more than two months in, it's just part of my day now.

I knew when I set out to complete a 365 I needed to approach this as something FUN rather than a chore. (And side note - it totally felt like a chore those first few weeks, just FYI.) It took me a good solid month before I could step out of my comfort zone and be free of the "I have to capture a perfect shot" mentality. Photography is an art and it definitely takes a ton of patience. I know that not every shot is going to be amazing, but that the whole of them all together will be absolutely AMAZING. 

I love looking back through our month and seeing the sum of everything. This project is SO worth it and remember it's still not too late to start. Heck - you can start in November if you want! There are no rules to capturing your everyday!