To all you mamas with newborns | Raleigh Newborn Photographer


I would trade all my film cameras for my babies to be this small again.


I know it may seem like you are not getting a single thing accomplished while you serve as a lounging service for your babe, but you are doing everything that needs to be done (and much much more). These quiet moments here are so good for your soul, your heart and I promise you will miss these moments. You will miss when the only way to keep your baby from crying was to hold her and let her sleep on you. You will miss those sleepless nights as you walk around the house at 2am singing the ABC’s. I pinky promise you will sleep again. And you will clean your house again. And you will be able to make dinner all at one time again. But holding that little one in your arms becomes more and more difficult as they grow bigger and bigger. So put everything else on pause and be a baby snuggler. xo


Are you expecting soon and looking to record these first few moments together as a new family! I'm currently booking lifestyle newborn sessions through September 2019 and I'd love to chat with you about your story and how very important it is to have this time captured and recorded! Email me for more info or click here to be taken to the "contact page".