The Film Love Workshop


If you've been around here for a while, you already know that film has stolen my heart. Film is purely magical and has made me such a better photographer, both in my professional work and my personal work. Film isn't easy. Film can be confusing. Film can make you second guess everything you thought you knew. But, friends. Film brings back the magic to photography. It makes you slow down and be very intentional about what and how you are shooting. Film let's my creative side shine and it gives me room to play and experiment in this art. 

If you have found yourself bored with shooting, irritated with the amount of editing you have to do to your images, frustrated with that digital playback never giving you THE SHOT  you were going for, or are just looking for a creative push, then film is for you, my friend.


Getting started with film can be so confusing. You'll see words like "metering"...."bulb in"...."rating"... and you're going to think you know nothing at all about photography. But I am here to help you!! Enter The Film Love workshop!

The Film Love workshop includes everything you need to know to get started with film and more! I've spent countless hours reading, watching and learning everything I can related to film and I've designed this workshop so you don't have to do that same!! Everything you need is wrapped up tightly and ready for you to dig in and start shooting! 


The Film Love workshop includes:

  • a 70+ page full color PDF with a link to purchase a soft-bound copy of the book through Blurb.

  • 20 tutorial videos covering everything film (seriously....everything you ever wanted to know).

  • Access to a Facebook group with assignments, ongoing videos + learning and much more (access available only to those who sign up for the workshop by August 15, 2018).

  • Workshop will be available for access and download on August 1, 2018. When the workshop is active, an email will be sent to the email address you provided when purchasing within 24 hours of payment.

  • Visit the workshop page for more information:

Save $100 off by preordering the workshop before it's released! Preorder purchase price of $99 is good for ONE WEEK ONLY (until August 1, 2018), so don't wait!