The Best Film Stocks for Summer | Raleigh Film Photographer

Have I mentioned that summer is the absolute best time to experiment with film??? You probably have heard me go on and on about how much film loves light, and summer is full of light, so it is the perfect time to grab a film camera and start snapping!

Today I thought I would share two of my go to stocks for summer! I can pretty much guarantee I will all have these two stocks in my cameras for the next few months!

Kodak Ektar 100

Oh Ektar with your amazingly beautiful colors! If you are looking for a fun and vibrant film stock for your vacation photos…especially if you are going to the beach… definitely grab a few rolls of Ektar 100!

This stock really loves light and I typically rate and shoot my film right at box speed, so at an ISO of 100! Ektar does not have a ton of latitude for over and under exposure, so I try to be pretty accurate with metering for my scene or subjects. This film stock has red undertones and is a tad finicky to over or underexposure and tends to get pretty red, so rating and metering at box speed is best!

The colors of this film, though, GAHHH are so breathtakingly beautiful! If you like crystal clear blue water and vibrant pops of color, keep a few rolls of Ektar handy!

Kodak ColorPlus 200

This consumer stock is probably my very favorite. I find this stock to be very versatile and I love that I can use it in a variety of lighting situations without worrying about extreme under or over exposure! And let’s not forgot that this stock costs JUST $3!! $3 y’all. You cannot beat that!

Kodak ColorPlus film has those beautiful, creamy skin tones we all love, but it also has such a vibrant, true to life, pop of color!

I like to rate this stock at either 100 or 200, but I do shoot this stock in my home quite a bit and am usually closer to an ISO of 400! It’s super versatile and an awesome film stock to keep in your camera bag for this summer!

This summer, I’m participating in the 100 Days of Summer challenge again and I’m so incredibly excited. There is nothing quite like shooting film during the summer! Film LOVES light and summer here in Raleigh gives us bright, sunny days, which are absolutely perfect for shooting film! Plus, summer is full of COLOR and we all know I’m a teeny tiny bit obsessed with color!

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