Palm Springs on Film

I just don’t think I can ever see enough palm trees. They soothe my soul and literally make my heart skip a beat. I mean, I guess if I lived in a California and got to see them every day, I MIGHT be able to get my fill, but I’m really not sure. There’s just something about their crazy height and the gorgeous pop of leaves that makes me so very happy.

When I visited Palm Springs a few months ago for the Photo Native conference, I literally had to keep asking myself if I really needed ANOTHER palm tree photo (uh duh, obviously…), so of course I ended up with image after image of palm trees (and the verdict is in that I STILL DIDN’T TAKE ENOUGH)!

If you’ve never been to Palm Springs, totally add it to your wanderlust list. It is simply amazing and I cannot wait to take my family back one day! Take a peek below for a some of my faves from this trip!

Ektar 100, Portra 160. Pentax 645n, Canon 1V, Fuji Klasse w.