Baby Avery | Raleigh Newborn Film Photographer


It just doesn’t get any better than this…..

It was so wonderful to meet this sweet, snuggly, sleepy little baby girl and her beautiful parents. There are so many memories in those first few days at home and I promise you will never look back on these moments or captured memories and regret taking the time to schedule a session and get your sweet new family in front of the camera. Just think back to when your babies were teeny tiny and tell me you wouldn’t give anything just to have them that size again and soak in all the yummy details??? 

The best part about newborn session is that you don’t have to pack up and go to a studio! Newborn sessions are always held in your own home because that's where the love is (not to mention, it's SO much easier to just stay in the comfort of your home instead of packing up your baby and everything you MIGHT need to take to a studio). Home gives everyone a chance to relax and settle into the love of one another. Being at home gives us a chance to take feeding break, cuddling breaks of any break you might need (this includes you too, Dad.... ;) ). Home is love.

Are you expecting soon and looking to record these first few moments together as a new family! I'm currently booking lifestyle newborn sessions through August 2019 and I'd love to chat with you about your story and how very important it is to have this time captured and recorded! Email me for more info or click here to be taken to the "contact page".