Downtown Raleigh | Raleigh Film Photographer


When’s the last time you causally wandered around your city with no place to be or no real objective in mind? I know we are all being pulled in so many directions at the same time and it’s hard to just stop and soak in everything surrounding us. It’s easy to keep running forward without stopping for a breath. But pausing to see what’s right in front of you and around you and above you is so freeing and beautiful.

I met my film friend, Peter, in downtown Raleigh one evening for our first annual Raleigh city walk (because duh - there HAS to be more, right??) and we did just that. We walked the streets, wandered into abandoned buildings and had no real objective in mind. We were hopeful for some kind of pretty light, but Raleigh gave us overcast skies and clouds on our little adventure. Raleigh still has character even in flat light.

Here’s a little peek at our walk… And if you haven’t explored your own city lately, you totally should!

Portra 400. Contax 645.