He, She + Me - January

Project Mama + Me - January

HE: started making his Christmas list January 1 • mountains > beach • prefers to eat cool whip straight from the canister • got a wart removed on his foot and barely blinked an eye • eats only the white of a hard boiled egg • has a crush on Amelia in his class and blushes every time we mention her name • is still obsessed with Pokemon, Pokemon cards, hit points and damage (whatever that means) • still yells for me to wipe his bottom (when does this ever end???) • says our dinner prayer most nights 

SHE: is the social chair of our family • hates waking up in the morning, but cries if you leave the room without her • sleeps in her bathroom and headbands and leggings • counting down the days until her birthday + making her birthday list as I type • wants a morkie • is a little obsessed with texting her friends from my phone + taught me how to send videos and drawings via text • hasn't played with one.single.thing she asked for for Christmas • missing her friends from school

ME: rejoicing that my Christmas tree is down + my house is starting to look "normal" again • cleaning out closets left and right • pretty sure I threw away a Dolce + Gabbana bag Scott gave me for Christmas (OMG) • putting together puzzles and finding it both stressful + relaxing at the same time • wondering if I should start Whole 30 again to get my body back on track • reading everything • hoping for snow, snow and more snow 

Project Mama + Me is a monthly project created to remember all the little bits + pieces of our everyday. Follow #projectmamaandme on Instagram.