September in Photos

That toothless smile, though...
All heart eyes for this little lady.  She looks so grown up now with her front two teeth missing.  She has a smile and laugh that can light up the world.  

This is what our weekends look like these days.  Lots of soccer games and lots of soccer practice.  Both Anna and Drew love playing soccer together in our backyard or garage, but they are both so timid and reserved during an actual game.  There's lots of encouragement, pep talks and "bribes" of doughnuts during the game.  :)

A quick glimpse of our playroom walls.  Layer upon layer of drawing, painting, cards and crafts.  My two love to create - wonder who they get that from?  I love watching their skills develop and their pictures emerge onto paper.  We have lots and lots of dinosaurs and mermaids hanging around our walls (if you follow along with me, I'm sure you're not surprised)!

Pure silliness.  That's what this sweet boy is.  He's funny.  Like really funny.  Like sometimes I feel like I laugh a little too loud or too much at something he says or does.  What I wouldn't give to be a fly on his fraternity room wall in about 16 years.  He will be the life of the party, I'm sure.

Fresh flowers make me so happy.  Unfortunately, I have the brownest-thumb every known to man and can kill just about any live plant, so....I have to resort to picking up fresh cuts from the store and farmer's market.  One day I'm gonna grow something pretty in my yard.  Hoping my mother-in-law will show me the way (Hi Susan!!).

My labor of love this week.
Love working on my Project Life albums and this one takes the cake as the favorite so far this year! Can't wait to share more of this beauty next week!