September in Photos

Sometimes I find myself inside too much.  It's easy to get caught up in the everyday craziness at home - laundry, meals, work, projects - and forget about all of the amazing adventures right outside of our door.  Drew and I decided to play hookie one afternoon and snuck off down to the nature park. It was pretty hot, but walking through the trails gave us some shade.  Love spending time with my little adventurer.  Note to self: go outside more.

Saturday thunderstorms call for an extra cup of coffee.  I like my coffee super hot and black - no cream or sugar ever since I started Whole30 in January (which has now kind of adapted to "Whole-life" since I love it so much).  And random, but I kind of love blurry photos (this one I made blurry on purpose).

My sweet girl talking to her dolls.  She's not much on playing with her toys alone, so when I hear her playing in her room solo, I run to grab my camera.  She's never been much into the typical "girl" toys - barbies, princesses, Calico Critters, etc.  Books and legos (and playing with her brother) are her favorites.  You can't really go wrong with any of the three.

We had one of those weekends that feels so full, but not full enough.  We were here and there, running errands, cleaning and all of that other "stuff", but we needed to get out and laugh and connect.  So while Scott worked, I piled the kids in the car for some ice cream and playing at the park.  It was just the three of us there and we played car races on the slide.  This little lady laughed her head off at my commentary (which was pretty funny, btw) and her laugh just put us all where we needed to be.  Together + laughing = the best Monday ever.

I'm trying to take more time out to do what I love.  Being a momma and working takes up a large majority of my time, so it's easy to "forget" about myself.  I'm not much on shopping or going out, but I do love good books - especially photography books.  This book, Capture the Moment, by Sarah Wilkerson, is my new favorite.  The photos themselves are pure eye candy and the "assignments" are well structured and are explained very well.  Taking photos has always been a passion of mine, but lately, it's come back in full force.  I love recording our days with my iPhone, but playing with my "big" camera takes the cake.  

This little guy sneaks in right next to me almost every single night.  Some nights I wake up and he's there, and other night he climbs right over me to snuggle in (so I definitely know he's there).  He's a snuggler and wants to be as close to me as possible.  I love his cuddles, but man, could I use a full night sleep.  

Taking a mid-day "bake" break with my sweet boy.  He loves to cook and help in the kitchen.  Not sure how we ended up with marshmallows here, but we did...  
He's going to make someone an awesome husband one day (that is if I ever let him grow up).

To some, this is just a messy box full of random art supplies.  For me, it melts my heart.
The kids were drawing this morning and when I looked up, I saw Anna had written "Anna loves drew" on the side of the box.  There's nothing better than that in the world.