Week In The Life: Tuesday Photos

I'll be sharing the highs and lows from each day throughout the week:

Tuesday highs:

pretty morning light | Anna super excited and easy to wake up this morning | a great workout with my neighbors | taking a shower before work | playdate for Drew during my work call | productive morning | carpool line by myself | loud music | instagram break | iced coffee at the gym | texts from Marcy | Drew getting so excited over legos | power kale salad from Panera | Drew holding my hand | evening bike ride with the kids | bubble baths | Drew coming in and singing to me after I tucked him into bed "I've been loving you, you've been loving me, in my sweet heart" | a quiet house | making dinner plans with the bestie 

Tuesday lows:

creative drought | Drew getting sick when he wasn't with me | back pains | camera focus issues | Chase pulling on the walk like a crazy dog | pouring rain on the way to gymnastics | no umbrella | white pants and mud puddles | traffic on the way to pick up Anna | stinky trash | Chase stealing all of our socks | Drew's boo boo | Scott gone for the night | drying my hair | humidity