Week In The Life: Monday Photos

I totally didn't plan on doing Week in the Life this year, but...

I have loved every single photo, detail and memory I've captured in my previous WITL books (





2013 Project Life



), but I'm not sure I've got a whole week in me this go 'round. 

I think there is a lot of pressure when it comes to documenting AN ENTIRE week of your life (at least there is for me).  I get all stressed out....like I might miss something, or forget my camera, or maybe the photo won't tell the story like I pictured it in my mind.  I talked myself out of recording our days this year because I just wasn't sure I would get it "right".  But somehow today, I found myself reaching for my camera trying to capture our moments.  I originally told myself I would try to do ONE photo of the day - that can't be that hard for a picture-taker like myself, right.  I obviously couldn't stop at just one, though.  How do you choose just one?  So I gave myself the freedom to snap away without the worry of what kind of album I would create, or even if I would print these photos. 

I challenged myself to just see our life through the lens.  And like always, I am so glad and so grateful that I decided to pick up the camera.  I don't think I will ever tire of documenting and recording our days.  I do it all the time anyway.  There shouldn't be any pressure or expectation or comparison.  You shouldn't have to worry about albums or pockets or filler cards.  It should be just as it sounds - a week in your life....documented.

I'll be sharing the highs and lows from each day throughout the week:

Monday highs:

TCX | sunny skies | Drew excited to go to the gym | tea parties | Anna starting a diary | Chase's ollies in the yard | crepe myrtles and their bright flowers | brussels sprouts. lots and lots of brussels sprouts | grilled chicken salad | reading Me Before You | Drew's naked belly | playing vet doctor with the kids | giggles | evening walk with just Scott and Chase | photo editing

Monday lows:

leftover homework | carpool line | Drew's messy room | potty accidents | Anna's meltdown during dinner | unloading the dishes | Drew's ouchie