Memory Planner: February & March

My Memory Planner has sort of turned into my "go to" when I have the urge to create.  I love that it really it encourages me to keep my photos current/uploaded/edited.  I tend to take quite a few photos, and I'm sure I would become pretty overwhelmed if I didn't get those off my camera or phone.  

My favorite part of my Memory Planner is adding in photos, cards and extra little pieces.  They add a little bit of character and personality, which I love!  Plus, there is nothing better than flipping back two months and seeing snippets of the previous month.  

Along with daily events and scheduling, I'm also using my planner to keep notes of memories, quotes, activities, etc.  Having a "one stop place" to write ALL of this stuff down is awesome.  I'm a lister by nature, so I usually had a zillion little lists going on at a time.  Now, they all reside here in my cute little binder!

The smaller 2x2 cards from Heidi's Memory Planner collection are perfect for adding into those (usually empty) weekend boxes.  I usually then jot down a few notes about our weekend.  

I'm continuing to end each month with a photo collage.  I typically pull this directly from my Around Here posts, so it takes about two seconds to compile the photos and print.  They aren't perfectly centered or square, but I'm totally ok with that!  I just love having a peek of our month on one page!

Each month in the binder starts with a page for two photos and then a page protector for additional photos.  I've been completing this at the end of the month as sort of a "reflection" activity.  It's nice to sit down and think back on all the amazing things that happened in a month!

Alpha, cards, stickers and stamps are my best friend when it comes to daily events.  If I know I have a big event coming up (like going to the beach), I usually add the alpha title right into that box!  It's like a bold reminder that something awesome is coming.  Any "extra" or empty space I have at the end of the two-page spread, I fill with whatever I have lying around - stamps, gold foil stickers, rub-ons....

I've started incorporating this cute little Memory Planner envelopes into my album to hold special notes or extra photos.  Just like in my mini albums and layouts, I love to have hidden extras sprinkled throughout my books!

And that's a quick look at some of my February and March planner pages.  As you can see, some weeks are full and detailed...and other weeks have lots of photos and cards!!  I'm good with either!  I'm just so glad I have a place to "keep" all of these things - and it's a bonus that I can mix planning with memory keeping!  That's a win-win to me!