Happy happy birthday to you, my sweet girl.  I can't believe you are already six.  It feels like just yesterday that you came into this world screaming your head off.  You loved to snuggle and be with anyone (especially me) since day one and that has not changed one bit.  You are smart, spunky, passionate and so kind-hearted.  You love mermaids and princesses, jewelry and dresses.   Your style is mismatched and amazing.  You have the cutest little check dimple when you laugh really hard and I smile every single time I see it.  You are an amazing reader and fly though chapter books in a few hours.  You love to play pretend, especially family, and you are usually the big sister.  Your brother is your best friend and the bond that you two have is undeniable.  You could eat cereal every meal and have never met a vegetable that you didn't love (asparagus and broccoli are your faves). 

Always stay you.  Stay sweet and spunky.  Stay silly and loving.  Stay smart and strong.  Just stay you.  Lots of love to you, my sweet baby girl. Happy day!!