Something Fun Is Here

Hey hey!  It's October and I'm so excited to finally share this little bit of "fun" with you!!  If you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed a little countdown. Well... a partial countdown. If you also follow Marcy Penner you will have noticed the complete countdown.
And today's the day we can finally spill the beans.
Both Marcy and myself have been consistently hosting challenges on our blogs. We both love challenging ourselves creatively and figured what could be more fun than collaborating and challenging each other too?
And why stop there? Maybe you guys would all want to play as well, right?
And so Creative Jumpstarts was born.
creative jumpstarts
Here's how it's going to work.
On the first and third Monday of each month there will be a new challenge posted on our blogs. Don't worry... we'll sneak it on Instagram to remind you to come check it out. Both Marcy and myself will interpret the challenge in our own way and share a project on our blogs that day.
The challenges will be one of four categories... PAPER, POCKET, RECIPE or PHOTO.

PAPER // These challenges will be the typical scrapbook challenges that you are used too. We'll be challenging each other to try new techniques and supplies, color combinations and more.
POCKET // Both Stephanie and I are avid pocket page lovers. These challenges will be similar to the Paper challenges but with a Project Life twist.
RECIPE // These challenges will be based on product combinations. The idea here is to step outside the box a little bit.
PHOTO // Photos are the cornerstone of our pages. These challenges will bring us back to basics and focus on photo prompts.
And really, it's as simple as that!

Our first challenge will start October 6th. (We may or may not also have a fun giveaway for you all that day!)

Here's a little breakdown at how the rest of 2014 looks.

October 6 – Paper challenge
October 20 – Pocket challenge
November 3 – Recipe challenge
November 17 – Photo challenge
December 1 – Paper challenge
December 15 – Pocket challenge

We hope all will play along too! Just use the hashtag #creativejumpstarts on Instagram (and tag us so we can see) to share your projects and be a part of this little community. We'll be regularly checking in to see how you guys approach these challenges. We can't wait!
Be sure to follow us on Instagram so you don't miss anything.  You can find me (@stephaniebryan) here and Marcy (@helloforeverpaperco) here.
We have been so excited about this and can't to start! Thank you for sharing our excitement and coming along for the ride. We can't wait to inspire and be inspired!  

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