Life Is A Beautiful Ride

There are so many rewarding things about being a momma.  Seeing your child accomplish something so awesome and watching them stare at you with pride is one of the best things ever.  Anna was beaming with pride as she learned to ride her bike in about 10 minutes flat and I was about three seconds away from tears.  She needed a little bit of help with balancing initially, but she was off and running after a few tries.  We've had her training wheels off for months, but she just wasn't ready.  We would ask her every so often if she wanted to go practice, but she was always a little too scared.  That's her personality, though.  She's not going to do something until she's able to do it 100%.  I love that about her.  I love her determination and drive when she wants to do something.  And I love that I got to help her and watch her accomplish this awesome milestone.  I'm so proud of you, baby girl. 

And if you want to join in on this magical milestone, just watch the quick video below!