The Right Now

A little glimpse of our life right now.  We are busy....and in the thick of it all.  Life is crazy, but awesome.  I'm loving the time I get to spend with Drew when Anna is in school, and I'm so looking forward to Anna's school track out (which is for an awesome three weeks)!  I've missed her way more than I thought possible and I can't wait for some good girl time, shopping and manicures.  They keep me busy...that's for sure.  It's a good busy and being their momma is still the best job ever created.

Photographing our everyday will always be one of my very favorite things to do, and honestly...I haven't been the best about capturing the ins and outs this year.  I'm so thankful for my 12 on the Twelfth series, even though it often feels like a lot of work and concentration.  I love having random little bits of our day captured.  I love photographing the small stuff, the toys, the messes, the hugs and the tears.  It's "us" and it's our story.  It's what matters most.  These photographs are moments frozen in time....they are frozen in a time where everything seems to move and change so quickly.  While I can't seem to make time stop, I can do my best to enjoy every single minute.  

And just so you know...I'm planning on taking a little bloggie (and Instagram) break over the next few weeks, but will pop in with some DT assignments here and there.  I really want to focus on my sweet babies, cooking, reading, a beach vacation and the lovely Fall weather.  Sometimes it's hard to squeeze it all in (as I'm sure most of you know)!!  I'll be around, though, and will be back soon!

Happy Monday!