Little Talks

YOU: You started preschool last week and are slowly adjusting.  You cling to my leg every single time I drop you off, but never cry.  You love being at home and always want to play for "just a few more minutes".  You are obsessed with the words poop, bottom and butt and have frequently found yourself in a time out for saying them repeatedly.  You love fiercely and give the best kisses.   You tell us all you love us at least a zillion times each day.  You love dinosaurs, eggos and legos.  You are awesome and I love you so very much....and yes...I even love your butt. 

ME: I'm struggling to find my "purpose" while you kiddos are in school.  I'm filling my days with exercise, books, lunch duty and Pinterest perusing.  But I miss you all more than you know.  I struggle with wanting to be "the best" mom to you both, whatever that means... and hope that I'm doing an okay job. I'm dreaming of school track out, fall, changing leaves, cooler weather and yummy pumpkin spice lattes. 

Little Talks is a new series I am introducing here on my blog.  I have a strong desire to tell more stories and to write more letters to my children.  I document our happenings and memories, but often find that I leave out "the heartfelt" stories in the rush.  Little Talks will share the "here and now" of my children, as well as myself.