it's semi back to normal around here and it feels good.  the snow has melted and the temps felt like spring this past week.  lots of outdoor fun wearing flip flops and jeans and that's pretty awesome to me.  it's amazing how some sunshine can lift your mood and spirit, you know.

i've been meaning to do a "currently" post for some time, and here i sit with my coffee as my kiddos watch some sunday morning cartoons, so here goes...

watching this saturday night live clip over and over.  justin timberlake just makes me giggle.

listening to passenger's let her go over and over.  it also happens to be drew's favorite song and he gets so excited when it comes on the radio.  he loves that a "boy" is singing and he wants to sing like that when he's a "big guy".  sounds good to me.  mama will support you.

loving pure barre classes to the moon and back.  seriously in love.  i've been going about 4-5 times a week for the past four weeks.  i made it 6 times this week.  slightly obsessed and crazily sore, but it's such an amazing workout.  just can't stop.

wanting to make more and more mini books.  again, i have mini book issues.  i love them.  i love to make them and hold them.  planning on making a digital book of anna's art soon through artifact uprising.

signing up for ali edwards' "hello story" class this time around.  i missed it last time because i had so many other obligations, but i really want to join in this time.  i love how ali teaches.  she's pretty amazing.

eating this salad over and over again.  the pine nuts and goat cheese....mmmmmm.

getting lost in paige evan's lovely blog.  love her photos, love all of their adventures, love her amazing way of making patterned papers rock!

what about you?  what are your "currents"?  link up here if you have a currents post on your blog!!

happy sunday!