5 tips for photographing your home


Home is where the heart is and you should photograph it! Just like so many other things of life, our home speaks to the here and now. It's a glimpse into your life and days. 

Here are my top 5 tips for photographing your home! Enjoy + then grab your camera and get snapping!


1. Use a tripod + timer/remote

If you want nice bright photos, well then, dust off that tripod and set it up. Using a tripod will allow you to slow down your shutter speed while keeping your exposure high enough for well lit photos! 

2. Turn off the lights + open up blinds/curtains

Natural light is always best for photographing inside your home. Try to let in as much light as possible. Lamp light and overhead ceiling lights give off a color cast that will drive you bonkers in post-processing. 

3. Move the clutter

You don't have to go crazy and clean your house all day to photograph it. Just move piles of laundry to the side and straighten up counters. Less is more when it comes to images.


4. Set your exposure to ISO 100 or 200 + overexpose by +1

A lower ISO will keep your photos crisp and sharp (but if you love a ton of grain, then by all means, bump up that exposure!). Since you are using a tripod for your images, you can keep your ISO pretty low. I also recommend overexposing by at least 1 stop for bright and light photos! 

5. Set your f-stop

For full room photos, I like to set my f-stop between f5.6-6.3. This ensures that I will get a good image full of detail. For close up or detail shots with a blurred background, use a wide open f-stop, such as f1.8. 

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