5 ways to get out of a creative rut

Stephanie Bryan Photography - 5 ways to get out of a creative rut

If you've ever had a creative block, you probably know they are no fun at all. It feels like the days and weeks drag on forever and sometimes you truly convince yourself you will never do anything creative again. Creative blocks are like a downward spiral and you can easily get sucked into just being "in a rut". I find myself stuck in a creative funk a few times a year and I've been through them enough to know that I WILL get out of this and I WILL be creative again. When I'm lacking inspiration and motivation, one of these little strategies usually will work for me and maybe they will work for you as well! 

1. Try something new

A lot of my favorite images have actually come from being in a rut and deciding to try something new. Grab a prism, ziploc bag or copper pipe and play around. Maybe experiment with macro photography or low-lighting. Think of something you've never tried before and give it a go. 

Stephanie Bryan Photography - 5 ways to get out of a creative rut

2. Go on a walk

Fresh air and sunshine are good for the soul. Take a walk around a park and just observe. Bring your camera if you feel like it, but remember that you aren't there for a photo or perfect image.

3. Pick up a photography book

Books are a great way to spark your creativity. Pick up a new photography book or magazine and be inspired by all of the eye candy. Mark a few favorites and study them to figure out what you love most about those images. Is the light, shadows, composition? Make a list of your favorites + a few new things you might want to try! 

4. Start a new photography project

If you don't try to get out of a rut, you can easily just stay in it for what feels like forever. Misery loves company, right? Instead of waiting to just be creative again, get creative! Don't set the bar too high. Pick something fun, easy, simple and achievable! Maybe try a photo-a-day project for a week. Or maybe decide to capture the sunset for five days. Anything you try will be way better than wallowing in a rut.

5. Step away + take a breath

Sometimes you just have to put down the camera and step away.  You can't force creativity and if you're not inspired at all, then you probably need to take a little break. It's good to put the camera down every so often and just "be". Be present. Be aware. Be grateful. Take the time you need to recharge your batteries and then pick up your camera when you're ready!

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