How to use the radial filter in Lightroom

Stephanie Bryan Photography - How to use the radial filter in Lightroom

Yesterday I shared with you how I use Lightroom's graduated filters. Today, we are going to tackle radial filters!

Outside of the basic editing tools (exposure, contrast, highlights....), the radial filter is probably my most used Lightroom tool. The radial filter lets you pinpoint an exact area that needs tweaking without effecting the rest of your image (just make sure your radial filter mask is inverted - I forgot to mention this in the video and my settings are set up this way, so just make sure your radial filter has the "invert mask" button checked so the filter will just be applied to the area you create).

Check out the quick video below to see how I use the radial filter to brighten eyes, shadows and specific parts of my images!

Super fun, right?? I think the radial filter is an awesome tool because you can select a very small area and tweak your image as needed!! Are you a fan of the radial filter??