How to use the graduated filter tool in Lightroom

Stephanie Bryan Photography - How to use the graduated filter tool in Lightroom

When it comes to editing, I always start in Lightroom. I catalog my photos here, so it's easy to open my most recent images, apply my edits and either export to Photoshop if I want to do additional editing, or export to share/print right from Lightroom.

There are a few tools I use routinely in Lightroom, and if you have watched any of my other editing videos, you've probably seen them in use. This week, I thought I would break them down individually and share how my favorite tools work, as well as I how I use them to edit my images. 

First up is the graduated filter. This tool is awesome for bringing back details in the sky (assuming you are shooting in RAW - which is another awesome reason you should start shooting in RAW if you aren't already!). I also will use the graduated filter tool to lighten/darker specific areas of my images to add more depth and dimension. Check out the video below to see this tool in action! 

As you can see, I love how you can bring back those beautiful details like wispy clouds in the image above. Do you use this tool in your editing process? Be sure to check back all week for more Lightroom editing tips!