How to make your own lightroom presets

Stephanie Bryan Photography - How to make lightroom presets

I'm a self-confessed editing addict. I do enjoy editing. BUT - I like creative editing and fun edits and playing around with unique colors and layers and stuff like that. When it comes to everyday editing (like my Project 365) and editing "like" photos, the simpler, the better! I would much rather be out shooting, than indoor behind my computer editing!

One of the ways I've simplified my editing process is by creating my own Lightroom presets. I have a love affair with presets and just may very well be a "hoarder" of presets. I don't use them all, but I sure do love seeing what they do for my images. (You can read about my favorite Lightroom presets and how I make them work for me in this blog post). But I also like to create my own personal presets. I typically do this for almost every client session or set of images where a good number of photos were taken in similar lighting and similar backgrounds. I find this greatly reduces my editing time and you can't beat that!

I put together a short video showing you a quick edit of a photo and how INCREDIBLY easy it is to create your own presets!! Check it out below!

Creating your own presets is a major time saver when it comes to editing! I have a few of my own presets I use pretty regularly, and then also routinely create new presets with client and personal photos! The most important thing to remember when creating your own preset or when using a purchased preset is that SOME tweaking is probably necessary. Occasionally I'l have that one click preset that's magic, but for the most part, I am playing around with my sliders to get the image where I like it!