3 reasons to embrace the mess of childhood

Stephanie Bryan Photography - 3 reasons to embrace the mess of childhood

I will admit that I love a neat and tidy house. I like things clean. I thrive off of order and tidiness. Almost everything in my house has a place and try every single day to make sure things are back where they belong. I keep my counter tops clean and the all of our clothes in the hamper. I make up beds as soon as feet hit the floor, so yeah...obviously, I like things clean.

But...sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on the mess and creativity of my children so I'm slowly learning to embrace the mess and enjoy these little moments of childhood. If you struggle with "messes" and crave order, then here are my three reasons to embrace the untidiness and enjoy this phase of childhood!

1. Time is fleeting.

One day I know I'm going to wake up and their stuff isn't going to be all over the place. Their messes will be contained to their room where they probably will prefer to hang out. Their toys will be replaced with gadgets and gossip. This phase of childhood is so fleeting and I've decided to embrace the mess and enjoy my kids "leftovers" and I think you should too!

2. It's not really a "mess".

I'm trying to remind myself that what I see and find strewn about our house isn't actually a "mess". It's our life. It's the way my children play or it's their age. My son isn't tall enough to stand at the counter and reach the sink. His little hands aren't strong enough to squeeze out the toothpaste neatly. He tries, bless his heart. But his "mess" is because of his sweet age. 

3. You will appreciate the small things.

I will forever be thankful for my camera because it allows me to see my world from a different perspective. The "snapshot" of our day lets me really take a good look at our life and all the little bits + pieces that make up our day. These images captured are return tickets to our past, and while it make seem like a mess, I'm learning to appreciate these little things and to accept them as they are. 

When's the last time you stepped back and EMBRACED the mess of childhood, rather than rushing to clean it up? Have you ever grabbed your camera and looked at those details through the lens before tidying up? If you haven't, I challenge you to do just that! Walk around your home. See the messes and piles and toys and try to capture those "leftovers" now, for soon those leftovers will be gone and replaced by something different.