How to create a Phototshop action

Stephanie Bryan Photography - How to create a photoshop action

I edit in both Lightroom and Photoshop and finding ways to simplify my workflow and editing is always a priority. I do love editing and can easily spend hours playing with just one photo, but things that I do to every single photo (sharpen, convert to sRGB, reduce noise), I like to create an action to make my process just a little easier. Creating an action in Photoshop is so super simple + such a time saver for editing! Here's how to make your own! 


1. Click the new action option in your actions panel (labeled #1 in the image above). A pop up box will open and here you will name your action and select "ok" to confirm.

2. Click the red "record" button in your actions panel to start recording your action (#2 above). 

3. Run the steps of your action on your current photo. All steps will be recorded so make sure you are completing only the steps you would like to be a part of your saved action. 

4. Click the "stop" button (#4 in the image above) to end recording your action. 

And voila! You will have your action saved! Wasn't that super easy?? Creating actions is such a time saver for processes that you repeat on every photo! 

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