5 inspiring photography books

Stephanie Bryan Photography - 5 inspiring photography books

I love a good book. Any kind of book, really. But photography books are some of my very favorite. I never tire of looking through these books and they are always the first place I turn when I need a little inspiration. Here are my top 5 inspiring photography books.

1. Capture the Moment: The Modern Photographer's Guide to Finding Beauty in Everyday and Family Life - Written by Sarah Wilkerson, CEO of Clickin Moms. This book is, hands down, my favorite photography book. The images are real life, everyday photos and throughout the book Sarah includes tips for achieving similar photos. Camera settings for the photos are also provide, which I always find incredibly helpful. Reading the book is  kind of like getting a 1:1 mentor session.

2. Expressive Photography: The Shutter Sisters' Guide to Shooting from the Heart - With it's unique and emotional images, this book is fantastic for sparking your creativity. Tips for composition and lighting are also included throughout the book.

3. The Design Aglow Posing Guide for Family Portrait Photography: 100 Modern Ideas for Photographing Newborns, Babies, Children, and Families - I'm a BIG fan of Design Aglow and have always been drawn to their clean style. This guide offers styling and posing tips, as well as technical approaches to portrait/family photography (which can easily be applied to everyday photography).

4. Humanity: A Celebration of Friendship, Family, Love & Laughter - There is so much life in this book. Real life. Real laughs. Real love. It's a very moving and introspective book that always evokes a desire to really capture my everyday. The raw, real everyday.

5. A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea Book: 95 Inspiring Ideas for Photographing Your Friends, Your World, and Yourself - This book should be called "the best of the best of Instagram". The photos are colorful, fun and little bit funky. While this book doesn't really include tips or recommendations for recreating similar photos, it definitely sparks your creativity and makes you look at your day/life in a new (and colorful) way.


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