5 reasons to go on a photo walk

Stephanie Bryan Photography - 5 reasons to go on a photo walk

Are you in a creative slump? Do you feel an itch to be artistic or creative, but just can't muster up enough juices to actually make something happen? I'm raising my hand over here in case you are wondering...  I feel like I get in a creative funk almost every January. Maybe it's the weather or maybe it's coming off of that holiday high. Whatever the cause, I'm determined to make the most of this so called slump. But how?? 

On days where I just feel "stuck", I usually find myself sitting and wallowing in my funk. I always have an urge to push myself creatively, but if you've been in a creative lull before, you probably know that it feels like you're never coming out, right? 

For me, photography is not only my passion, but my outlet. There's something about holding my camera and shooting that is freeing and relaxing. When I'm not out shooting, I crave my camera and light and images. The majority of my photos are usually of our day and my kids. But life is busy and their school days are sandwiched between the chaos of morning breakfast and a whirlwind of evening homework. That doesn't leave me much time for creativity and shooting (which you guessed it, leads to a creative slump).

So I decided a photo walk was what I needed and maybe it's what you need too! Here are 5 reasons you should go on a photo walk!

5 reasons to go on a photo walk

1. No expectations.

There are no kids to corral. No perfect lighting to seek. No annoyed faces to try to bribe for "just one more" shot. There are no expectations. You can just walk and look and explore. I found it was actually quite refreshing to observe the day, the light and the shadows. 

2. Experiment without disappointment.

Want to try a macro shot? Want to play with your aperture? Go for it! There's no one standing around impatiently waiting for you to get your camera settings correct. And if you need to try it 3 or 4 times, well, that's ok too! The part of walking and exploring I love the most is having the TIME and ability to experiment. I'm not out trying to get a snapshot of our day or a "perfect" image.

3. See a familiar environment in a new light.

Without limits or expectations you are able to look at a familiar place or setting in a new light. When you're out for your walk, look for new shadows and textures....and watch how trees blow in the wind or how quickly the clouds move across the sky. When you remove the element of expectation from your photo walk, you open your eyes to hidden gems and fun places you might want to return (maybe even with your kids in tow).

4. It's a fun change of pace.

Picking up your camera and heading out the door is actually really fun. You can walk in groups or explore solo. There's no right or wrong. It's just a fun way to switch things up and allows you the flexibility to shoot whatever and however you wish! 


5. Fresh air and sunshine are good for the soul. 

Enough said, right? Fresh air does the body wonders. It puts you at peace and relaxes your mind. It recharges your batteries and gives you new perspective!