10 Everyday photos to take this year

"The days are long, but the years are short."

This quote is so very true and there's nothing like a quick glance through your older photos to really feel its sentiment. The photos of our everyday are always my favorite. They show a glimpse into our lives...the here and now...the messes and details...the current. Years from now, I know these will still be my favorite.

Today I thought I would share you with 10 everyday photos to take this year. I encourage you to pick up your camera and shoot your everyday if you aren't already. Maybe just one photo a week. Or a glimpse of your Saturday morning. Whatever you choose, you will not regret capturing your days.

1. Daily routine

What's something you (or your family) do almost every single day? It might seem mundane and weird to photograph, but these daily routines represent your here and now...and I promise you they will probably be different one year from now. 

The days of my two taking their daily bath together is definitely numbered. We're working on individual showers right now and these bath nights (while they drive me a little crazy) are definitely going to be missed down the road. 

2. Bedroom

Take a peek into a bedroom and capture it as it as. Remember the things on the floor, door, walls. These little messes are your everyday.

There is so much I love about this shot of Anna in her bedroom. The mess on the floor, the notes stuck to her door, the headbands wrapped around her door knob, her "stylish" outfit. These are her here and now.

3. Details

What's your favorite detail about your life? Your favorite detail of your child? Photograph it. Document it. Remember it. 

For me, it's feet. I love feet. All feet. Especially those of my children. They have grown and changed and grown and changed so much. I will never tire of those toes and the wrinkles. 

4. The kitchen

The kitchen isn't necessarily the first place you think to capture your everyday, but the kitchen is totally the heart of the family. That's where life happens. That's where people gather together. Think of your kitchen and document your life as a family. 

The majority of our days are spent in and around our kitchen. We cook together, wash dishes together, eat dinner together. The kitchen is such a big part of our family.

5. Letters + words

Document a page of homework, a card, written letter. Focus in on the words and details. These change so very quickly.

Like hands and feet, I love capturing the written words and letters of my children. I love to see their attempts at writing and spelling. Recording these little details is priceless.


6. Emotions

Emotions are sometimes difficult to capture, I think. It's not really natural to pick up your camera when someone is crying or throwing a fit, but our life isn't all smiles and hugs. We have tears and crying and fits over here too and they are just as important to document. 

7. Finds

When's the last time you just walked around your home and observed? Look for leftover messes, creations, notes and play scenes that tell your family's story.

Anna and her notes....sigh. She leaves reminders, letters to fairies, drawings, love notes and more on just about every surface and I could not love documenting them (or her) more. 

8. Sleeping 

I'm pretty sure the sight of sleeping children never really gets old. Capture the stillness and peace of a sleeping child. Document bedding, toys, lovies, pajamas and all the things that are the here and now of "sleeping".

Naps are few and far between in our house now so I'm sure to sneak and steal a shot whenever I can! I always try to get my camera settings ready so it's quick and easy!


9. Habits

What's something your child (husband, pet...) does that drives you absolutely crazy? What's something you see happen day in and day out? Grab your camera and photograph it! 

Sweet Drew can't reach the bathroom sink yet while standing on the ground so he always hops up on the counter to wash his hands. Soon he will be tall enough and this "habit" will be no more.

10. Nighttime

Life doesn't end when the sun goes down, but if you love shooting in natural light you sometimes just might feel like it does. Push yourself to capture a nighttime routine or a glimpse of your evening. 

My two might be crazy during the day, but they tend to be perfect angels at night as soon as I say "bedtime". Here they were coloring together at their little table by lamp light. A moment in time preserved forever.