Why You Should Print Your Photos | Raleigh Newborn + Family Photographer

Todays topic is near and dear to my heart. As a film photographer in Raleigh, North Carolina, I have taken thousands of pictures. They have been uploaded to my computer and they are all saved on several drives. Still to this day when I print out one of my photographs and see the tangible copy in front me, I get all the feels. There truly is a huge difference between holding it in front of you and not just seeing it on a screen! So today I'm going over some top reasons I suggest printing your photos.


My number one reason is simply to have a tangible copy of those lasting memories that are so sacred and important. They truly are cherished keepsakes that a person holds on to for the rest of their lives. Think of those photos that you have of you and your mom or dad when you were little...or better yet photos of your grandparents when they were little. My guess is that not one of those photos were something you looked at on a computer screen. They were most likely a print that was either in a frame on a wall or bookcase.This leads me to me next topic.


One of the great things about photographs is that these photos can be used as home decor! A gorgeous family print hung up in a hallway when you first enter a families home...or even a gallery wall of a families growth together over the years is such a great conversation starter and initial impression that a guest will have upon entering your home. Prints also look great framed in bookcases, on nightstands, pianos, etc. The options are endless with what you can put photographs on! I love all of the fun gift options there are now as well such as printed mugs or blankets. Lastly, one of my favorite things that you can do with photographs is create albums. Having a beautiful book filled with images from your session is truly a treasure that you will always cherish. It's also a fun coffee table book to have when people come to visit! My kids still love looking through the albums that I have in our home of family photo sessions of us - it truly helps make a house feel like home.

The final thing that I want to touch on is technology. Did you know that technology can fail? Amazing enough, most newer computers no longer even have a USB port, much less a CD-Rom for reading images! What if your computer crashed?? It's so important to have images backed up on other drives, but as you most likely know even those can fail from time to time.


I hope these ideas and thoughts help you in the process of deciding what to do with your new images! Have you made prints of your photos from one of our sessions? Please send me a message, I would love to see what you did with them!

Interested in scheduling a session in 2019? Most family and newborn sessions are done in your home + fave places...we usually always venture outside around your home to play  (weather permitting). Some folks like to do just their house and yard, some folks like to do just one room of their house and their favorite park up the road. We're not meeting in some random park or place you've never been before. These are the places that matter most to you. This stage/house/moment you're at right now will be totally different and changed and just "where in the world did time go?" a year from now. Take the time to capture your here and now. I promise you will NEVER regret preserving those in-between moments. Call or email me for session details (or just click this link right here).