What to Wear to Your Newborn Session | Raleigh Newborn Film Photographer

A little one is on it’s way and you’re thrilled, nervous, emotional and ALL the feelings, am I right?! If you’re anything like me you’re also planning out your newborn session with your little one arrives! One of the questions I get asked the most is "What to Wear” for a newborn session. I decided to make a dedicated blog post to this to help educate others on some of my tips and suggestions that I’ve learned throughout the years.

Ready to see what I suggest? Read on my friend!!


1) Color scheme: neutral colors for the whole family.

There is just something about this soft color pallet that is so appealing to the eyes when you have a soft newborn baby to cuddle next too. It also leaves room to add pops of color through aesthetics or other items as desired.


2) Newborn outfit: less is more.

My top outfit choice for your Newborn baby is a plain diaper, neutral colored swaddles, or a simple white onesie. Again, this soft color palette is timeless and always looks so beautiful on a newborns skin. Less truly is more in this scenario!


3) Ideas for Mom: Flowy dresses look good on everyone.

Ladies, my top suggestion for your outfit is a long flowing dress in a solid color or a timeless print. This dress will last through the ages and truly looks good on every body! Maxi dresses or a casual sun dress is also perfect for a newborn session! I also always suggest to wear your hair down during our session together!

Some no no’s would be to always avoid jeans and black dresses or shirts.

4) Dads outfit: casual and timeless.

My top ideas for dad would be V neck shirts, henley or buttons up in a solid neutral color such as white, beige, light blue, or grey. For pants I suggest light khakis or slacks, These photograph beautifully and always look so timeless!

Some no no’s for dad would be similar to mom - avoid the jeans and dark/black pants. I know I know, but trust me on this one! :)

5) Siblings outfits: soft neutrals are the way to go.

You will want to stick with similar colors as the rest of your color pallet now, so I suggest a cute neutral color top or dress for girls. For example it can be a solid color or something with a simple, smaller pattern. For boys, I suggest the same colors but similar to dads outfit with the button down or v neck shirt with some khakis or kiddo slacks.


6) Final tips for wardrobes: 

Accessories are a simple and easy way to make a wardrobe extra special. So for example, scarves, necklaces, rings, bracelets and sweaters are a great way to highlight your personal style! Have fun with it and always be sure to be you!

Some things you will want to steer away from are logos and writings/characters on clothing. It tends to look a bit more messy and inconsistent next to everyone else.

Well there you have it! My full list of suggestion for what to wear to your newborn session with me! Please let me know if you think of any other suggestions - I would love to hear what ya’ll think!

Interested in scheduling a session in 2019? Most family and newborn sessions are done in your home + fave places...we usually always venture outside around your home to play  (weather permitting). Some folks like to do just their house and yard, some folks like to do just one room of their house and their favorite park up the road. We're not meeting in some random park or place you've never been before. These are the places that matter most to you. This stage/house/moment you're at right now will be totally different and changed and just "where in the world did time go?" a year from now. Take the time to capture your here and now. I promise you will NEVER regret preserving those in-between moments. Call or email me for session details (or just click this link right here).