New York is always a good idea | New York Family Film Photographer

“The city seen from the Queensboro Bridge is always the city seen for the first time,

in its first wild promise of all the mystery and beauty in the world.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

My sweet friends, I’m pleased to introduce you to the Amores Family. As a Raleigh, North Carolina film photographer I was overjoyed for the opportunity to do a destination family session at none other than Central Park in New York City. One perk of living in NC is that we’re just a short flight away from the Big Apple. I love visiting Manhattan whenever I can, and getting to do the thing I love most while there was a true highlight of my year.

As most know who live on the East Coast, the weather out here is a bit unpredictable. It ended up raining (a lot) and was pretty chilly out. But you know what’s amazing?! This awesome family showed up and loved on each other regardless of the weather and we made some magic anyway. How beautiful is that? I love that we made lemonade out of some lemons and the end product was truly heartfelt and beautiful.

So my friends, the truth is that with the right perspective (and maybe some gummy worms for the kids), we can make some magical images in truly any weather! All you need is some love.

Interested in scheduling a session in 2019? Most family and newborn sessions are done in your home + fave places...we usually always venture outside around your home to play  (weather permitting). Some folks like to do just their house and yard, some folks like to do just one room of their house and their favorite park up the road. We're not meeting in some random park or place you've never been before. These are the places that matter most to you. This stage/house/moment you're at right now will be totally different and changed and just "where in the world did time go?" a year from now. Take the time to capture your here and now. I promise you will NEVER regret preserving those in-between moments. Call or email me for session details (or just click this link right here).